Rainy Day Experiment

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Is there any better sound to fall asleep to than the rain falling on the roof? I think not, it makes me want to go snuggle up in bed right now!  Okay, maybe just to have a good cry about why I can’t record anything, but that’s sort of the point…

If you hadn’t already heard, we are having some really shitty weather here in the South Pacific.  We’re being throttled by back to back tropical storms and cyclones, last week it was Cyclone Fehi, and now incoming is an even more powerful one, Cyclone Gita, which is due to hit Auckland later this week. It has literally rained *almost* every day this month and is expected to continue with this trend throughout February.  Most of you are probably wondering why I keep moaning about the rain, instead of just moaning into my microphone to keep you happy?  Well, I thought I’d record a little bit today, during a patch of significantly less intense, semi-moderate rainfall, (mind you, this is without the sweeping winds that come and go – and the rain has been a lot worse than this!) I just wanted to show you the difference between my usual ultra-clean and quiet background noise, versus this disaster shown above.

Halfway through the above audiobook audition script (more PG than usual, as I wanted to make this post public), I applied the noise removal filter that I usually use to get rid of any of my ambient room noise (you’ll hear a ping to mark the spot).  As you can see, it really decreases the overwhelming noise, but it causes other issues, making the recording cloudy and echoey, and you can still hear the rain tapping on the roof.  

So my hands are pretty tied, and it means that recordings are going to be delayed a bit by the forces literally beyond my control. Thanks for sticking with me and just know that any time I get a chance to record in silence (as long as there aren’t kids around) I’ll be jumping in front of the mic to try and catch up! 

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