Recap of some of my best Voiceover Animation performances

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So over on my Tumblr blog , someone asked me what I believe to be my best voice acting role that I’ve done so far.  This was a really hard question to answer, so I ended up picking like my favourite 5-6 videos because I couldn’t narrow it down more than that.  There are a few that I couldn’t really list there because I don’t have public URLs for them (like they were made for Patrons only, or I just don’t know where they can be viewed). 

I tried to pick videos where I thought the animation quality was really good, and the voiceover consisted of a fair amount of voice acting/dialogue, not just moaning and sex sounds.  Not that I don’t enjoy those too!  But I wouldn’t really call a sloppy bj my “best voice acting role”  (though damn I love to slurp for you all!)

So anyway, have a look/listen , and feel free to share in the comments if you have a favourite (or perhaps one that didn’t make my list, I’d love to be reminded if there is a good one I missed!)  

Thanks and enjoy!  Oh, and I have a new recording coming up soon, just have to find the time to polish off the editing before I post it – hopefully in a few hours! 🙂


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