Relaxing in Cancun – We’ll be home Nov 3rd

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I’ve been meaning to make a post to let you know we’re enjoying vacation, but honestly we’ve been so busy that this is only the 2nd time I’ve pulled out my Surface to connect to the internet.  

The first week was spent in Orlando with Daddy’s kids so it was full-on go-go-go from morning til night.  But they’ve returned to NZ with their mom now, and Daddy and I are enjoying a peaceful 10 days in Cancun to recover from Vacation Part 1. It’s gorgeous here, we’re having a great time (other than the fact that I came down with a cold/terrible sore throat our second night here. Symptoms are fading but my throat is incredibly sore and I am still coughing occasionally.)  

If anyone is ever looking for an all-inclusive vacation spot, this is our second visit to Moon Palace Grand in Cancun, and it’s truly incredible. All you can eat and drink, about 15 restaurants on site which are all inclusive, you literally don’t pay for anything the entire time you’re here unless you leave to go on a tour or want to do some shopping.

Daddy and I are lounging by the pool today, and I have my Surface out because we are pitching ideas for the next episode of Courtesan of the Core Worlds.

We will be back home around November 3rd and I should be back to work on recordings by November 5th.  So you’ll be hearing something new from me the first week of November for sure.  I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to schedule my recordings for November… I will probably kick it off with Episode 10 of Succubus and then Courtesan (which didn’t get recorded in October) and then go from there.  So for the rest of the year, the weekly Friday episodes might be off their scheduled dates, but that way I can keep producing them in the order they should have been in and maybe get caught up in the upcoming month.

Thanks again for sticking with me during this downtime.  A small handful of patrons cancelled, but 95% of you have stayed, and I’m extremely thankful to have your support.  



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