Script Contest Deadline Extended to August 10th!

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I only received 2 Scripts, so we will post-pone the contest until September, and I’ll keep those 2 scripts for next month.  Hopefully we’ll have some more entries then.


The original deadline was August 4th, but I only had 1 entry and had posted in comments that I was going to postpone it until next month.  Then I got another script from a Reddit user, and that reminded me that I’d forgotten to post the announcement there, and on Tumblr.  So I thought I’d just extend the deadline and see if we can run a contest this month after all.  

One of the reasons I’m so keen to keep the contest going is because I rarely get enough scripts from my Scriptwriters Tier to fill out an entire month.  My goal is to complete 5-6 general Audio Rewards per month (in addition to the 4 Original Series), but that’s hard to do if I only get 2-3 scripts turned in.  So I’m actively seeking out other ways to fill the gaps.

If you have a script for the August contest, the new deadline is Aug 10th at 11:59pm, and there are 4 spots remaining.

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