Script Contest – Phase 2 – Ready, Set, READ!

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I have received 7 submissions to the Script Contest for March, and now is your chance to READ each of them, and select your favourite.

The scripts can now be found at the dropbox link below. Everyone is invited to read them Now through March 20th, and you can start voting as early as March 15th.  So if you’re anything like me, put those sexy and slightly nerdy glasses on, get comfortable, and click on this link:

I will post a Patron-only Poll on March 15th through March 20th, and every patron can cast 1 vote for their favourite script. If you aren’t a patron and want to vote, then you’ll need to pledge to at least my $1 Cover Charge tier (but I encourage you to try one of the higher tier so you can receive some naughty rewards!)

If you cast a vote for any script in the Patron poll, it means that no matter which script wins the vote, you’ll get a copy for FREE.  So please, join in by READING and VOTING, so that you can LISTEN for free! 

(If you don’t vote, you can still claim the recording as one of your rewards, or purchase it separately for $3 like all my other recordings.)

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