Script Contest Winner – Elf’s Research!

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The poll below has ended, and while it was neck and neck for a while there (it always seems to be this way with my contests, doesn’t it?!?) – we have a winner, and it’s Elf’s Research written by InfamousAoshi!  I will be recording this hopefully next week or shortly afterwards, you will definitely get to hear it this month – it will be free for everyone!

We have 5 script entries for this month’s contest.  The script receiving the most votes will be recorded and released as a public Freebie, so choose wisely!

Every patron may only cast 1 vote for their favorite script.  Remember to base your vote on what you would most like to hear me record, as written.  Just because you like a particular kink doesn’t mean that the script is the best one, or particularly well written for an audio format, so try to imagine how it would sound aloud as you are reading each script.  🙂

Voting will remain open until May 12th at 11:59pm PST.  Then the winning script will be announced! The winning author may choose to have their name revealed or decide to remain anonymous. I will release the recording at the end of May.

To read the scripts in this month’s contest – Click Here! 

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