Script Contest Winner – Novasectomy by triplel

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The patrons have voted, and the script entitled Novasectomy won by a landslide!  Congratulations again to our winning scriptwriter, triplel.  

This recording will be released later this month as a Public Freebie. Make sure you follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss it when I post the free audio!

I will wait a month or two before trying to run another script contest, since only 3 writers participated in the July contest.  Hopefully by September or October, there will be some interest again when people are done having a fun summer!  

If you want to write a script for the new contest (whenever it might be), feel free to email me at with “Script Contest” in the subject line, and let me know you are interested.  The sooner I have some interested parties, the sooner I will make the next announcement!  And if you prefer to just commission me to record your script rather than wait for a contest, I’m always accepting script commissions, so get in touch!

Votes Received:

32 – Novasectomy

 9 – The Preacher’s Wife

 7 – The New Secretary

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