Script Guidelines For My Headmasters & Sugar Daddies

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^^ (Click the white box that says “Dropbox” above the heading to view the pdf file) ^^

I’ve been wanting to write up a document like this to clarify some things regarding the scripts that I’ve been receiving lately, but I never got around to putting my thoughts down in a cohesive manner until now.  So hopefully this will help to give you some details on script lengths, what sort of things lead to additional charges above you standard tier, and  other do’s and don’t.  

I realize this stuff only applies to the Headmaster & Sugar Daddy tiers, but I wanted to make the post public, so that I could link to it in the tier descriptions so new script writers can review it when they are considering joining one of those tiers. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment or message me privately anytime!



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