Self-Isolation Sale – 30% off all Gumroad Purchases!

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HORNY? How about a FLASH SALE! Since we’re all stuck inside losing our minds, why not have some naughty fun?  I’m giving everyone 30% off All XXX Audios on my Gumroad store, now thru the end of March!  

Browse my XXX Audios at and be sure to use Discount code – “covid19” at checkout.

Personal Local Update:  New Zealand moved yesterday to Covid Alert Level 4 (the highest level) and everyone is on home-isolation except essential workers (police/medical personal/supermarkets/rubbish collection) for a minimum of 4 weeks. No visiting friends or relatives, or going anywhere public except the supermarket.  Stay in your bubble (your household and it’s residents only). All restaurants have closed completely, you cook at home or you starve – you can’t even get a pizza delivered.  

I think 4-6 weeks of this is a good wakeup call honestly, maybe we can all get a taste of healthier lifestyles while we’re trying not to die!  I hope that you are listening and observing what your local governments are telling you to do, and remembering to BE KIND to one another.  I know some people get online and become real dicks, hiding behind a screen and running their mouths (aka their fingers) acting all superior and dishing out opinions left and right.  Try to avoid all the online bickering and debating, and just be nice to people. 🙂

Most importantly, stay safe, well & horny everyone!



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