Soooo Hard At Work

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Okay, so it obviously doesn’t mean the same for me as it does for you guys!  But I just wanted to let you know that I am buried in recording deadlines all week, and that’s why you haven’t seen much from me lately.  (And why I am turning away calls on Skype ’til next week – sorry guys!) 

Here’s my current schedule:

  • I’m resuming my role as Marie Rose for the upcoming Opiumud movie, Oshiwara Rose 2, which is his yearly EPIC project of like 80-90 minutes long.  My lines are due by May 10th, so I’m working on that exclusively until it’s done.  
  • Then I immediately jump on the script for Chapter 8 of DFD, the visual novel I voice for Palmer every month.  Received the script yesterday and I normally try to return it within 24-48 hours so I’ll be working on this all day tomorrow and into the evening.
  • UnidentifiedSFM has a project coming out and he’s asked me to voice Sam from Until Dawn (the gorgeous Hayden Panttiere xx).   I probably can’t mimic her voice exactly, I’m not really a great impressionist, but I’ll give it my best shot!
  • Lesbian Cock Addict-Episode 5, written by Slutwriter, is coming out on Friday right here on my Patreon! 

After that, I’ll be making 2 or 3 general Audio Releases here on Patreon in rapid succession this weekend to get back on track!  And next week, the Succubus Series has another special guest voice actress (SilkyMilk is back again as Mary!)

I just wanted to make sure you don’t think I’m laying around eating cupcakes and watching Netflix (although I wouldn’t mind a cupcake now and then… but I don’t have time to bake!)  There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not recording something, whether it be an audiobook for Audible, auditions for new roles in video games, voiceovers for the various SFM animations I am in, vanilla/business projects like the pilot training series I do for a flight school in Florida, or IVR phone recording systems for a variety of businesses, including my own new 800# (more to come on that next week on my Tumblr page!). But please know that my highest priority every month is keeping up with my Patreon release schedule!  Your pledges mean everything to me, and you are my top priority, always.  

Remember, I release at least 10 recordings per month on my Patreon, and trust me it’s a full-time job getting all of this done every month.  But I love doing it, and am so thankful that you enjoy it too! xx

In case you ever want to see my project schedule, I keep it online here so everyone can see where I’m at for the month.  (And because of my hectic schedule, just know that I’m not taking any more private commissions until next month.)



Update – guess who got a cupcake today after all!   And it even had a boner (okay okay, it was a unicorn horn.. but hey, this is my treat so I decide!)  And it was sooooo delicious!

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