Sorry I’ve been quiet! Soooo Busy, but it won’t be much longer!

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I know we’re over a week into March and I’ve not posted anything yet, so I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what I’ve been up to.  I’ve been working really hard behind the mic, it just so happens it’s not been on any NSFW content, but that’s about to change – In fact, I just recorded my first release for March tonight before bed, but will need a few days to polish it up and add SFX, etc.

Some of you might know I’ve been recording a big Audible project for the past couple of months. It’s a romance book about 8 hours long – not erotica this time, sorry to say!   Anyway, I’ve had a lot of delays along the way and I missed my deadline, and so the author decided she wanted to punish me by cancelling my contract completely out of the blue (after I’d recorded about 6 hours of the book!).  After jerking me around for about 2 weeks, she finally decided to send me a new contract so I could finish it, but decided that I either have to accept the job for 50% of our previously agreed rate, or just throw it all in the trash and she’ll start over and find another narrator.  

If I didn’t desperately need the money, I’d have really liked to have called her bluff.   But we’ve been hurting quite a bit financially lately, (something no one likes to admit, but it is what it is), and I decided that I couldn’t bare the idea that all of the hours I’d devoted to this book would just have been wasted, so I accepted the new contract begrudgingly.  

I was a bit of a basket case for several days at the beginning of the month because of all this drama, but I’m back under contract, and the good news is that I finished recording the last chapter of the book this weekend! I just have another day or so of editing left to do, and then that’s done and dusted and I can move on to the rest of my recording queue.

This includes not only my 5 Patreon releases for March, but also a brand new Visual Novel that I’ve been selected for.  It’s top secret for now but as soon as I get the green light to announce it, I’ll make sure to write up a post with links so you can check it out!  I’m playing several characters, and it’s very exciting! 

 I promise you’ll be hearing from me really soon, please hang in there!



 * Fact of the Day – 1 hour of an audiobook recording actually takes  6.2 hours to produce, on average!  

Here’s how you get there:

  • First, you have to READ the book and take notes about all the characters, decide what sort of voices you’ll use for multiple characters, look up any pronunciations that you need to check on, etc.
  • Then it takes about two hours to narrate what will become one finished hour, because nobody reads anything perfectly the first time! I always have to stop and re-record something every few sentences, or I get hung up on a tongue-twister, or have to wait for that plane to fly overhead or the garbage truck to finish on my street, etc.
  • After the narration is recorded, it then takes an editor (who in my case is also ME!) about three hours to edit each finished hour of recording.  Then I hand it off to my proofer who listens while reading the script and makes a list of all the fuck-ups I’ve made, which I then must go back and re-record as perfectly as possible in order to slot them seamlessly into the original recording.)  Audiobooks are supposed to be as close to 100% word-for-word as you can get. Narrators can’t take any creative liberties, the way I can with most of my recording work.
  • Once all this is done, then it’s strongly suggested to run one more quality control (QC) pass over the finished project. This means spending time re-listening to see if there are any words, sentences, or sections to re-record. Which means another hour spent just listening to each hour recorded.

So now you know why I am always so busy.  Recording audiobooks in addition to all the NSFW projects I’m working on can sometimes really run me ragged!

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