Special Offer: Get 2 Months Free When You Pay Annually!

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Some of you may have noticed that Patreon started offering the ability to pay annually for your subscriptions a few months ago.  As creators, we have the choice to Opt In or not on this ability, and after resisting for a while, I’ve decided to start offering Annual Subscriptions. For a limited time, I’ve set the discount as high as we are able to, giving you 16% off when you pay for an entire year of your chosen tier.  That means you pay for 10 Months and you get 2 Months Free!  

This is a limited time offer, which I will be changing to 10% off in January.  Still a good savings, but if you’d like to get that extra 6%, consider switching now. So many of my patrons stay for a year or longer… in fact a huge % of you have been here for multiple years (thank you!).  So if it’s something you have the budget for, why not simply pay for the year and not have to worry about it being deducted month after month? I think by now, we all know that I’m not going anywhere, I’m probably one of the most consistent creators around, and I work damn hard to stick to my deadlines and release content as promised month after month. Hopefully this credibility helps ease your mind about paying up front for an entire year.

Some things you should know about Annual Memberships.  

  • If you switch today for instance, you will be billed for one year, and your re-billing date would then become Jan 1, 2022.  You will be reminded of your rebilling at the end of December next year, and will have the option to switch back to monthly billing, or leave it as is and be rebilled for another year, or of course to cancel.
  • By switching now, you are locking in your rate for a year. So even if I raise my tier prices, or lessen the savings % (as I’m planning to do in January), you will have already locked in the maximum 16% off discount that we’re allowed to offer.
  • If you have times when your method of payment declines when billing goes through on the 1st, you won’t have to worry about this anymore because you’ll be paid up for an entire year.
  • You can “Choose What You Pay” even on annual pledges. If you intend to pay more than the entry level tier price, for example, in the $3 Audio ala Carte tier, lots of patrons choose to pay $6/month or $12/month because they want to get more than 1 credit per month. You can still do this with the annual plan, because they have a little drop down box under the Monthly Pledge Box. See the example below:

In this example, it’s showing the $3 Tier with a basic 10% off on Annual membership. But if you click the little carrot ^ next to the red arrow, it opens the ability to see and change the total amount.  You can see this calculates to $32.40 with the 10% discount.  But, you can write over that amount with anything you like.  So if you want to pay $6/month because you want 2 credits per month, you can type over the total and make it $64.80, just like this:

** UPDATE:  I failed to mention that if you are in the Audio ala Carte tier (formerly the Pick & Mix), and you switch to Annual plan, that means you get all your credits at once, to use for 2021.  So if you pay $3/month on the annual plan, I give you 12 credits, boom, sorted.  And if you double it, you get 24 credits… triple it and you get 36 credits.  Then you can go on a spending spree whenever you want, instead of waiting every month for that 1 or 2 credits to be eeked out over the course of the year like before.

Likewise, some patrons like to add on a little bonus, like a tip.  I have some patrons in the $15 tier who pay me $20 every month, just to be kind.. and a small handful of special patrons pay me $100/month just because they are super generous. My point is just that you don’t need to feel as if you are limited if you chose the Annual plan, because you still have control and can write in any amount you like. 

These steps will help you switch to annual if you decide you’d like to:

  1. Log in to Patreon, hover over your profile icon in the top right corner, and select Manage Memberships.
  2. From your Active Memberships page, click Edit next to the pledge you want to change.
  3. You’ll see a familiar checkout page where you can select Annual or Monthly
  4. Click on the little carrot next to choose what you want to pay ^ to see the amount you are being billed, and if you want to alter it you can simply type a different amount.
  5. Click Update. You will immediately be charged upfront for the discounted price. 

Remember, for a limited time the discount is set to 16% until the end of December!!

Check out this help center article if you have any questions about how it works.

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