Still having vocal problems… but I’m trying!

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I just wanted to give you all an update as we head into the weekend (it’s Friday afternoon here in New Zealand…)

I’m feeling 99% better physically after my week of sickness – in every way except my voice.  Which is the most important part (at least for someone like me)!  I can rock the older/mature voice at the moment, but anytime I go into my upper register, the higher pitches of either a young character, or the throws of sexual passion (i.e. screaming, begging, crying, gagging on a huge cock the size of a baby’s arm… you get the picture, right?) then my voice totally cracks as if I’m a teen boy hitting puberty.  And the more I try to clear my throat to get it back in line, the worse it seems to get.  So I have to just accept the fact that it is going to take a few more days for it to be strong enough to “do what I do” for a living.

Sadly, most of the scripts (if not all, right now…)  require me to use this higher pitched voice to increasing degrees.  So I don’t really have anything else that I can record and release immediately that isn’t going to cause my vocal chords more damage and possibly delay my complete recovery.  So I am hoping you guys will be patient and just know that I’m going to bust my ass to make it up to you before the end of the month!  I’m not dodging my responsibilities on purpose, I promise!

On the bright side, I have recorded (with great difficulty) one more Headmaster’s script just now…. but, I have a TON of editing to do on it before it can be released, because unedited, it’s over 25 minutes long at the moment from all my retakes, clearing my throat and cussing under my breath whenever my voice failed me.  So I’ll try to clean it all up and see if it meets my quality standards, and if so I’ll be releasing it in the next 24hrs.  If not, then I may have to just start from scratch in a few days when my voice comes back full strength.

And to those of you who have been trying to get phone sex calls with me, and I’ve had to turn like 90% of you away… I’m really sorry.  Trust me, it pains me to turn away business right now because I’m not making any money while I’m sick – my voice IS my profession.  So trust me when I say, I’m going to nurse it until I can get back to work 1000%!

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