Thanks to you, today I reached my 1st Goal!!

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I can’t believe it’s only been one month and I already met my 1st goal, this is crazy!  I love you guys for supporting me go much! As promised, now that I’ve met the 1st goal, I am doubling the Fraternity reward for EVERYONE!

Originally I was offering one general membership recording (meaning it’s free to all paid Patrons).  But as of today, just in time for the October 1st billing which is just around the corner, I am now increasing the Fraternity Tier reward so you will receive two recordings every month!  All higher tiers also receive the Fraternity reward as well.

I’m still playing a bit of catch up with September recordings, I have just been bombarded with animations and other non-adult recording work but luckily the few Headmasters who are still waiting have been super understanding and patient with me.  I will complete those last few recordings as soon as I can next week. 

We’re going to have a very naughty October, everyone!  What a luckily girl I am to have such fantastic fans!   



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