The movers come tomorrow morning!

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I just wanted to make my final post before I unplug my computer and dismantle my booth tonight. I’m soooo exhausted, as we’ve spent the past two days shuttling small truck fulls of fragile and personal things up to the new house, so  when the movers arrive in the morning they just have to do all the heavy lifting. It will be a several days before we have time to setup the internet/wi-fi and all of our computers, and even longer before I am able to do any recording because we have to rebuild my booth (it can be bigger in this new room, so starting over from scratch), plus I have to make new soundproofing panels custom fit to the new window dimensions, etc.  It’s a huge job and it can’t really be rushed. There is so much more to unpack and setup for the entire family’s use which has to come first, but I’ll be working on my recording studio when I can. Plus we still have to come back to our empty house and clean up, weed the gardens and things like that so that we can get our deposit fully refunded.

This means you won’t hear any new releases from me until about the 2nd week of October. However if you have credits to redeem please feel free to continue sending me requests for recordings, as those I can happily fulfill from my iPhone with the Dropbox app!

You may have noticed that I’ve had my commissions closed for a few weeks leading up to the move.  That’s because I am prioritizing my Patreon releases, and I already have 3 animations in queue to be voiced, so no sense in taking anymore on until I’m caught up.  I have enough on my schedule already to keep me busy through the end of October, so I’ll start accepting new commissions to be recorded in November.

Please stay tuned and stay with me, October will be in high gear before you know it!



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