The Script Contest is Full – Reading stage begins now!

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8 script have been submitted for this month’s contest! To read the scripts competing for the Free Recording, Click Here!   

Only Patrons can cast a vote, but everyone is welcome to read the scripts if you wish. The winner will be announced on the13th, and I will release the recording as a Public Freebie at the end of the month. The winning author may choose to have their name revealed or decide to remain anonymous. 

(If you aren’t a Patron you won’t be able to cast a vote, however you can join my Patreon Cover Charge Tier for only $2, if you’d like the ability to vote. This will also give you access to all of the posts I’ve made, access to my Audio Catalogs to see what sort of recordings I have available, and you can listen to Intro Samples of nearly 300 XXX Audios!)

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