Update – We are moving at the end of this month!

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Just giving everyone a heads up that we have found a new house and are moving on Sept 30th!  Because both of us work from home and need private home offices, in addition to our bedroom and both his kids bedrooms, we occupy a huge house, and it’s an incredibly exhausting job to pack and move a 5 bedroom home.  So while I’m going to do my utmost to keep on schedule with my 5 audio releases this month, I’ll have to put all other commissions on hold until after we’ve moved. Everything that is currently booked will be delivered as promised, but I just don’t want to take on any new projects until after the move.

My recording studio will probably be out of commission for about a week, as I’ll be rebuilding my booth and completely changing my configuration and setup at the new house, so it will take a bit of planning and time to get everything setup, amidst all of the other unpacking and setup that has to be done.  So just know that I will likely be AFK a lot more than usual, when I’m not working I will have to be packing and cleaning etc.  They will start having open houses here where we are moving from, as they will want to find new tenants ASAP, so we have to keep the house tidy and ready for viewings while we are busy packing.  

It’s hectic and overwhelming, but exciting at the same time.  They say moving is one of the biggest stressors of your life, and I can tell you it’s true, and I’m sick of doing it every year.  We are planning to stay in this new house for 5-6 years hopefully, crossing fingers!

Thanks for your support everyone, and stick around because I’m really excited to start recording from my new studio!
More updates at the end of the month once everything is organized…

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