Vacation starts NOW! Back around Nov 2nd…

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We’re packing up and heading to the airport now, and I won’t be back home until at November 2nd (or 3rd possibly).  Thank you all for your amazing support through this crazy rough patch I’ve had lately.  I plan to be in touch with little personal messages/audio during my trip, but my next “official” audio recording release won’t be until around Nov 5-6th once I get back home and start back to work.

Please know that I will still have access to my Patreon message and my email (, so I will still be accepting audio reward requests during my trip.  You just might not get the lightning fast response times that you’re used to.  But I should be able to respond to everyone’s requests within 24 hours.  And if you’ve just found my page and want to sign up, never fear, I’ll get your Dropbox access set up and you’ll have your welcome email and rewards within 48 hours max, promise!

For anyone who is reading this and wanting to hire me for something (a custom audio story, animation project, video game audio, etc.) – Just know that when I get back I have a full month of previously planned projects on my calendar.  So if you haven’t already booked me, then I probably won’t be able to get to anything new for you until December.  I have to catch up on my Patreon rewards first, and the various projects who have hired me in advance knowing I wouldn’t be free to start until November.

Bon Voyage!!

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