Valentine’s Day Proposals

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I’m a moderator for a group of NSFW voice actors on Discord, and we had a fun little internal collaboration event for Valentine’s Day this year.  To participate, we each recorded a short sample of a proposal, and another of a reaction – it could be anything we wanted, there weren’t any parameters given other than they had to be short, like 15-20 seconds each.  Then we were all paired up at random and mixed together by the event coordinator DornVA, and the results were so much fun to listen to!

I’m sharing the 2 audios that I was featured in.  In the first, LeoGraystoneVA proposes, and I react… maybe not in the way most men would appreciate, but there are a few who wouldn’t mind, surely?

And the second is my innocent and heartfelt proposal (perhaps a bit tsundere, but who are we to judge!) and the reaction of my fellow voice actor Blackeye, who apparently I knew quite a bit more than my proposal may have indicated!

I hope these bring a smile to your face, and while I may not be ready to propose just yet, I’d love for you (all) to be My Valentine!

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