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I’m excited to share this portrait that I commissioned from an amazing artist @ZyanArt  

It’s the first time I’ve actually hired someone to create artwork of “me” and it is quite surreal to see it turn out so beautifully.  I’m afraid I’m not nearly that flawless in person, but that’s why it helps to find an artist with such amazing talent!

On to other business…

Fear not! I know it’s been a while since you my last release, but I still have 2 more audios for you this month, but it’s just been rather hectic since getting back from my Valentines trip. But I’ve just finished recording both of them and only have to do the editing and add SFX, and then you’ll see some release notices in quick succession just in time for the end of February (damn this short month!).  

Full disclosure – We have had some issues with 2 different family members who have needed extra attention and it’s resulted in me needing to run their errands, drive them to appointments, and a loss of privacy at home when I normally would be able to record.  On top of that, we noticed last week they had put a bunch of orange cones out on the main road in our neighborhood and had traffic funnelled  into one lane, taking turns using the lane. Had no idea what it was for, but hoped it was temporary. Well, this week they’ve gone full steam ahead with a big underground cabling project in our neighborhood (that we knew nothing about) which has been causing TONS of noise. They are cutting through concrete to drill under the sidewalks and lay pipes under the roadway, etc. I did some investigating today and finally got the full details – this project is slated to be completed by September 1st, and they will be working between the hours of 7am-7pm Mon-Sat.  F.M.L.

I must have had some sort of premonition when I decided to reduce my output to 3 audios a month this year, it looks as if it definitely was a good idea. Other than days when they may not be doing tasks that are too noisy, I may be limited to recording after dark. But I just want to assure you that while it may take me a little longer to record everything I need to (like this month), I will always live up to my promise of 3 new audios per month.  (Unless I end up in hospital or something bizarre…maybe attacking a stranger in a hi-vis vest and hardhat?)

Keep your eyes on my page and my Twitter, there should be a new release coming out tomorrow evening if everything goes according to plan.  (Oh gawd, did I really just say that? Now it’s doomed, I tell you!)



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