Well not quite yet… this is just a heads up!

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Just letting everyone know what I will be away for a few days starting next week.   We have Daddy’s kids staying with us now until April 30th on school holidays, which means very little time (if any!) for me to do any adult project work.  So we decided to take them on a little surprise vacation (they’ll know nothing about it until we’re at the airport… because who doesn’t love surprises!)

I will have my phone and my laptop with me, and I’ll still be able to drop recordings into your rewards folders , so please keep those requests coming!   If anyone new joins, it will just take me a little bit longer to get back to you with all your setup and login details (no more than 24hours, but just be patient with me, pretty please).   As anyone who’s been around a while knows, I pride myself on being very quick and responsive to all your messages and requests!  But I just need a little down time, so that I can come back refreshed and renewed for May.

There may still be one new release before the end of the weekend (and possibly another around the last day of April, though I can’t promise).  It’s been a very productive month with 9 (about to be 10) new releases in April, and I hope this is the way it will stay for some time with all the great scripts that are being turned in by my Headmasters and Sugar Daddies. I’d love to release 10 recordings every month if I can, giving the Fraternity lots to choose from, and for those of you on the Addicted To Candy tier to get a very good value for your pledge dollars!

Thank you all for your fantastic support, and as always, enjoy!

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