What you can expect the rest of this month…

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As you all know I’m leaving on vacation this weekend. I won’t be back until about Oct 4th-5th, and then I won’t be starting back to taking phone sex calls until about Oct 15th.  Hopefully that will give me a bit of time to get caught up on all my Patreon housekeeping, and getting started on a few new recordings for October.

Now, I have 3 more recordings that are just in the editing phases, which will be released this month.  I’ll probably release one this weekend, (a new bi-female/Futa couple), and then another one once I get settled into Orlando.  And then the final one for September (which is an epic 17 minute follow up to last month’s popular #103 – Paying The Rent) will be  released the last week of September, so you don’t want to miss it!  

While I am away, I still want things to be business as usual around here.  I’ll have my iPhone, which has Patreon and Dropbox apps installed, as well as my Macbook when I’m at the hotel, so I can still hand out requests as easily as I do when I’m at home.  It’s seriously a few swipes and I’m done, so do not worry that you are disrupting my vacation.  If all of a sudden my Patreon goes complete silent, it will stress me out more than I would from receiving a few requests and knowing that I’m still making everyone happy even while I’m away!

Just know that it might take me a little more time than usual, and I’ll be in a totally different time zone, so my lightning quick responses might be a little more delayed.  But if you know me, you know I’ll still be on top of it.  You all mean the world to me 🙂



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