What’s your favorite Series this year? Need to catchup on earlier Episodes?

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So I just thought I’d check in with everyone since it’s the middle of the year, to see how everyone is enjoying the 3 Original Series that I added to the 2020 lineup.  I’m happy to say that many of you have been around since 2018 (and even some of you since 2016!) and you may remember I produced 4 Original Series in 2018, and ran myself ragged!.  So this year I decided to switch it up a bit and do staggered releases every 2 months. Hope that hasn’t been too confusing for you.

I also know that there are some new Patrons who have joined at various points in the past few months, and some of you might be wondering how to get caught up on earlier episodes that you may have missed which came out before you joined.  Have no fear, I’m here to help!  Just send me a DM or email to tell me which of the series you want to collect missed episodes of, and I can give you quick and easy details on how to do that, and even offer you a discount code!  candy@voicelikecandy.com

So, which one(s) of my new series are you enjoying this year?  Feel free to select more than one!  (I  included Cursed Armour on the list, even though it’s not officially a 2020 Original Series, it’s actually the longest running series I’ve done thanks to the endless creativity of my scriptwriter Aika.)

**Also feel free to leave any comments you might like the writers or me to see below!

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