Who’s crazy idea was it to move to a new house?!?

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Oh right… mine.

Ok, this hasn’t quite worked out the way I envisioned it, but we’re finally here, everything has been unloaded and mostly moved into the appropriate rooms, and Daddy’s been hard at work putting our bed together, his kids beds together, and our desks and computers are set up.  Other than that, don’t ask me where to find a fork, or a pair of socks, or a vibrator (god I could use one of those right about now!)

Our internet was supposed to be on when we moved in.  Then they said “oops, we see your order from 2 weeks ago, but apparently no one hit the submit button.”  So we waited 3 days for an appointment, and called them several times to explain that the fibre connection box inside the house had no power cord attached, so they would need to bring one with them.  Well we’ve still never seen a technician, their overseas call centre reps are totally useless… so Daddy being the techie went online, found out exactly what power cord we needed for their box, and ordered his own and it arrived tonight, so we finally have working internet (at our own expense). 

Since Daddy’s at work everyday, he’s not going to be able to help me start setting up my recording studio until this weekend. I’m going out tomorrow to try and find a carpet remnant to cover the hardwood floors to reduce some of the echo, and we have to get some wood panels that we can use to mount my acoustic panels, get boards custom cut for the windows so we can cover those with insulation to keep out the outside noise (like rain/wind/birds/planes) and then we’ll see where we are with my sound.  I  expect that I won’t be recording anything until next week.

Just trying to keep you guys informed of what’s happening.  Next time I even mention moving, someone paddle my butt until I can’t sit down, deal?  

Thank you for being patient and bearing with me through this transition.  I have had a few people leave this week, and a few new people join (sorry that you’re joining in the middle of all this turmoil!) but don’t worry, those of you who know me know that I’m going to bust my ass cranking out lots of lewd goodies for August once we’re back in business here!



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