Wrapping Up Another Wonderful Year on Patreon!

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I can’t believe it’s almost December, what a busy, creative, wonderful year it’s been! But it’s not over yet, December is going to be chock full of content!  Here are some things to know as we go into the last month of the year.

Original Series Finale Episodes – Lesbian Cock Addict had it’s finale in November, but December will bring us the Finale Episodes of Diary of a Cheating MILF, Succubus: Deceptive Desires, and Courtesan of the Core Worlds.  Only some of you are caught up to the current month though, so for those of you who joined the series late and are behind, don’t worry, you will be able to continue in your current tier and finish out the series at your own monthly pace for as long as it takes.  But there is always the option of purchasing the extra episodes if you don’t want to wait, so just message me for details and discounts!

Planning 2019 Recording Schedule – It’s time now to setup my content schedule for 2019, so I need to decide if we’re going to do another Original Series over the course of the year, or perhaps shorter 3-4 month mini-series with rotating topics, or just scrap the series idea all together and go back to just one-off stories. I’m going to post an Opinion Poll in the next few hours which I hope many of you will complete.  I want to provide the sort of content you want to hear, but if you can’t take the time to provide your feedback, then I’m left guessing blindly at what that is… so please help me out by voicing your opinions!

New Tier Options For 2019 Coming Soon – Once I decide what direction to go in for next year, I will setup new Tiers with appropriate price points for the amount of recordings I’ll be releasing per month.  I’m going to try to cut down on the scheduled releases per month. For 2018 I was releasing 9-10 recordings every month on Patreon alone (in addition to all my other recording projects) and I just don’t want to continue at that pace, it’s been very difficult to maintain.  What I’d like is to produce maybe 5-6 recordings per month, and reduce the Buffet Tier price to make it a more affordable option for everyone. So instead of having to take the time to pick and choose which recordings you receive each month, you’ll just receive all releases for months that you’re a member.  So many people pledge the lower tiers and then never actually request any recordings, and while I certainly appreciate the backing, this makes me sad because I want you to actually enjoy my content!  (Don’t worry, $3 Pick & Mix Tier will still be available if you do prefer to pick and choose.)

The Return of Candy Confessions – I have heard from many of you that you really enjoy and want more of the non-scripted Candy Confessions like those I have released in the past.  If you haven’t heard any of these, basically instead of reading a scripted story that someone else wrote for me, I instead tell you a real life story about some of the naughty things I’ve done over the years.  Yes, I still have lots of untold stories – *cough*  I’m a bad girl! *blush*

Script Contests Postponed – I tried to run the script contest this month, but there were no new entries, so I am just going to assume that people are just too busy right now to bother writing a script.  I will wait until mid January and try one more time, but this is the second time in a row that I’ve posted a contest and there wasn’t any interest, so if that’s the case again next time I’ll probably put these on the back burner for a while.

Hmmm… that’s all I can think of at the moment, but that’s a lot actually!  Remember, look for my poll coming soon (in the next 24hrs for sure!)


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