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So I have been getting a few questions recently in private messages that I thought perhaps I should answer here in case anyone else was wondering the same things….  if you have a question you’d like to ask, feel free to message me, or just leave it in the comments below so I can answer it for everyone 🙂

  • <Q>  How do I know how many reward credits I have left?
  • <A>  If you go to your dropbox rewards folder, inside will be subfolders for every month that you’ve pledged.  Next to folder name will be a number in parentheses – for example 11-2017 (4) means that in November, your pledge entitled you to 4 reward credits.  Now, if you have nothing in that folder, you still obviously have 4 to choose.  If you have 2 in there already, then you have 2 left to choose.

  • <Q>  If I have credits for Oct and Nov, do I have to choose recordings that were released during those months?
  • <A>  Not at all!  You can choose from my entire catalog.

  • <Q>  I haven’t requested any rewards for the past few months, do they roll over or do I lose them?
  • <A>  If you get busy and don’t get around to asking for your rewards, you don’t lose them!  As long as you’re still a pledging member here, then your rewards folder on Dropbox will remain active and you can fill up those folders anytime. If you decide to cancel your pledge, then you will get a note from me telling you how many credits you have left, and you’ll need to choose what you would like by the end of the month, or decide to forfeit them.  This is because once someone leaves, I delete their dropbox access at the end of the month when I do the monthly housekeeping.

  • <Q>  I was interested in getting some of your retired content, is it too late now that it’s been removed from Patreon?
  • <A>  Just email me with any questions about retired content, I simply can’t discuss it here on Patreon, but they all still exist!

  • <Q>  I filled out the exit survey when I left, and I asked a question on it.  Didn’t you see it?
  • <A>  Creators on Patreon can see the comments on Exit Surveys, but the username is anonymous, so we have no idea who those comments were from.  If you want us to know it was you, sign your name to the comment, or just message us directly!

  • <Q>  If I need to take a little break but don’t want to leave completely, can I just drop down to the $1 Cover Charge tier for a bit?
  • <A>  Yes, that’s fine.  That way you still have access to my patron-only posts and can see what I’m releasing, so you can catch up on your unclaimed rewards, or if you just need a financial break for a little while. You can always upgrade to a reward-earning tier again later at any time.

(I’ll probably make this a linked post and keep adding to it, so feel free to ask other things below and I’ll consider including them on the list)

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