Read The Script Contest Entries – Pick your Favorite!

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There are 5 entries in this month’s Script Contest!  You can read them here: 

You will have until August 7th to read all of the scripts and choose your favorite. Remember to base your choice on which script you think would make the best audio recording, not just because it features a kink or topic that you like the most. We want a good recording as the end result!

Patreon voting poll will run from August 8-12th, then the winning script will be announced! Only Patrons can cast votes to pick the winner. It’s too easy for voter fraud to occur on most online poll sites, so this way it’s limited to 1 vote per registered Patron.  I will record the winning script before the end of August, and release it as a Public Freebie. Everyone gets to listen for free!

If you would like to vote but aren’t a Patron, you can join my $2 Cover Charge tier, but I’d totally encourage you to try out one of the higher tiers, so you can receive some naughty rewards while you’re there!

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