New Zealand is in Level 4 Lockdown

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(*My Patrons – please be sure to read the bold paragraphs at the bottom, If you don’t feel like reading all of this, I understand!)

The world knows that we take Covid-19 very seriously here. It’s given us the freedom of living day to day without the fear of exposure.  We had our 1st Delta Variant case on Tuesday. The country immediately went into Level 4 Lockdown, schools & businesses closed, everyone must stay home. There is no restaurant or drive thru’s open, you have to queue up to go to the supermarket (only 1 member of the household permitted to shop), and other than walks around your neighbourhood, nobody leaves home unless they are an essential worker.

I’m not complaining, I think it’s amazing how our government actually GOVERNS us, and looks out for our well being at times like this. I would rather spend a month at home in Lockdown than worry every time I left the house that I was going to catch Covid or spread it to others. I really feel for the rest of the world who lives with this fear everyday.

(By the way, click this link to find out what Level 4 Lockdown means in NZ. I’m sure most countries can’t imagine living in a country that complies with  rules like these to keep everyone safe. I feel very blessed to be living somewhere so amazing now!)

Unfortunately this means that my partner’s kids aren’t going to school, so I have no privacy when they are here 24/7, it severely limits my ability to record anything. Their mom had to go get tested today because she was exposed to the Delta Variant during a supermarket trip last week, we won’t know for 24-48 hours if she tests positive or negative, but if she is positive then we could be at risk too because the kids were with her for several days before coming to our house and may have been infected. 

So long story short, for the time being I am falling a bit behind in my Patreon audio stories. I’m making this post to let my patrons know that there is a chance I won’t get to make 4 releases this month (which is my monthly goal), unless the kids end up getting to return to their mom’s house for a few days each week (as is our normal schedule). So our hands are tied at the moment waiting for her test results.

I have recorded half of my next release, but finding time to finish it is proving a challenge with them here, as it’s quite  … *ahem* … a vocal performance with lots of moaning and screaming and pleading. But I’m going to do my best to put out at least 2 more recordings this month so I don’t let my Potluck Tier patrons down.

Your support means everything to me and my family, because this is 100% how I earn my living.  So I hope that you’ll continue your pledges, and if you’re looking for more content you can always trade in your existing Patreon credits, or check out my Gumroad store – because every little bit helps, especially in times like these!  

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