Sharing the Custom Love Song I commissioned for Daddy

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If you know me at all, you know I’m so in LOVE with my partner, who I’ve called Daddy since we first started roleplaying together online, years before we ever met for real.   

I decided to surprise him with a CUSTOM LOVE SONG written & performed just for us.   

A few nights ago as we were going to bed, I said “oh, I wanted to play a song for you”, which isn’t too unusual, we share music with each other all the time.  As it started playing, he immediately said he liked the music and said it reminded him of another song he really likes right now ( 

As the lyrics started unfolding, he made a few comments like “wow, that’s like us” and sort of astonished blinks, “gee, this could be our theme song”.  Then when it got to the line about tacos (which I made sure she referenced because it’s sort of our longest running joke… that he doesn’t like tacos but I still love him anyway…) he was like “Hey, wait a minute”, and I think he was wondering how this was possible.  But when it mentioned Second Life and our trips to Mexico he knew this was custom, just for him… and then mentioning our dog Diva sealed the deal.  

He was just left speechless from then on, other than uttering, “How?  What?  How is this possible?”  And it was just the reaction that I had been hoping for.  Best. Present. Ever.

A couple of days has gone by now, and I asked him if he thought it would be okay if I shared it, because I certainly didn’t commission the song for social media purposes, it was just for him.  But it turned out so amazing, it’s just too tempting not to share it with those who know our story.  I hope you like it!

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