One of the kids has covid… so no privacy for at least 7 days of quarantine :(

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This morning one of his kids was complaining of a sore throat, so Daddy gave her a RAT test before school, and it was positive.  Soooo… our household is quarantined for 7 days, meaning I will have no privacy for a solid week 🙁

We agreed that if the kids test positive while at one house, that they would remain there for the full isolation period, hopeful that both sets of parents wouldn’t be at risk of catching it.  So that means they won’t be going back to their mom’s house on Saturday evening as they usually do.

Normally I have 3 1/2 days a week with them at their mom’s house and that’s when I do most of my recording.  This month is going to be a challenge because with them here for a full week it’s bad enough, but then there is no school from April 15 – May 2 because they get 2 weeks off for their spring break over Easter.  With any luck, they will be spending one week of that with their mom, and the 2nd week here as long as Covid doesn’t mess up those plans.  So I should still be able to get most of my Pateron/Gumroad recordings done this month, but any private commissions will unfortunately have to be delayed again until May.

At least I have my next 2 releases already recorded, so I can use this time to do the editing and SFX tracks, and may have one ready for release tomorrow.  But I haven’t done any recording for either Series yet, so will hopefully get to start on those in a week’s time.  I also have a very strenuous/extreme video to dub which I’ve had to postpone because there is no way I could record sounds like this with other people in the house!

I appreciate your patience and understanding.  I feel like it’s always something!  I really thought this was going to be the month where I finally got caught up and the stress started to lessen.  How silly of me.  Now, if I can just avoid catching the virus things won’t be so bad.  I was coughing a bit last night and have been a little congested and found myself sneezing a few times today, but I did a test and it was negative.  We have to retest on Sunday and again next Wednesday.

If anything changes I’ll let you know.



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