I finally tested positive for Covid :(

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Everyone else in the house had it but me, and I isolated as much as I could but it finally caught up with me. I knew it was coming, I’ve been so incredibly sick the past 24 hours or so but yesterday my test was still negative.

I have decided that this month, I’m going to take a different approach and just stop worrying about the fact that I can’t get everything done that I have on my schedule.  My voice is completely destroyed from all the coughing, and I expect that I’m going to be sick for at least 5-6 days based on how everyone has been recovering this week. 

But even if I get my voice back and feel like recording in about a week, I’m not going to have hardly any opportunity because the kids are on spring break until May 1st.  So I apologize if my output doesn’t line up with my projections for April, but there really isn’t anything I can do about it.

These were the projects on my schedule the rest of this month, but it’s possible that I won’t get to any of them if I’m being honest:

   –  Bless Me Father Episode 5 (Finale)

   – Cougar Club Episode 4

   – Bonus video for Animo – extreme throat straining (Remember, please don’t discuss in comments)

   – Private recording for Logan – throat straining as well 🙁

If I do manage to get my voice back in time, then I’ll probably record the finale episode of Bless Me Father, because this series don’t generally cause a lot of vocal strain.  Whatever I don’t finish this month will be pushed to my May schedule, which already includes:

   – Cougar Club Episode 5

   – Wedding Day for Mister Michael

   – Unorthodox Therapy for Reciprocated

If you’ve sent me a script that I haven’t noted above, please send me an email bringing it to my attention, because I feel like there was another that I’ve somehow forgotten and I don’t want to skip it involuntarily!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and for your understanding.  This is the sort of thing that usually stresses me out beyond belief, but I’m just too sick and exhaused to give in to those emotions this month, so going to try a new approach and take my time getting back on my feet.



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