Still sick and my voice is just trashed from all the coughing …

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I thought for sure I would be better by now, but I am still coughing so much and still spitting up phlegm. I had never even heard of “long covid“ until I got sick, and googling that doesn’t fill me with much hope. It appears that some people can have symptoms for months afterwards.

just know that I am desperate to get back to work, it’s awful to be held hostage by voice problems when all of your income comes from “using your voice”!

i really appreciate everyone sticking with me and being patient during this downtime. Also appreciate the purchases that have coming in through my Gumroad page, as that is pretty much the only income I am bringing in until I am able to release new content.

I really want to get back to work! Please continue to be patient, I promise you’ll be hearing from me as soon as humanly possible!



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