Update: 1 more audio to be released this month, featuring @CryBabyDahl!

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I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet, I’ve been working on this last May release all week! It’s a much longer audio than I usually release, with 5 different scenes and 6 different female characters, and as you can imagine, it has been very time consuming, especially in the editing phase after all the recording work was completed by us both.  

I’m hopeful (crossing fingers) that it will be finished sometime tomorrow.  This beast of a story is almost 45 minutes long, and I am hoping to finishing editing on scene 4 tonight before bed.

I’ll need to take a break from audio releases next week and get caught up on some commercial projects that have been waiting since I got sick.  One of them is an animation series I’ve been involved with for the past few years that is NSFP (Not Safe For Patreon) so we won’t discuss that here…  another is a video for AgentRedGirl… and last but certainly not least, I am starting to record some of the lines for the long awaited Season 2 of Lust Theory for Inceton Games! That will be an ongoing project for about the next 6 months, as there are thousands & thousands of lines to record for my 4 characters in the game.  

But don’t worry, I’ll be budgeting my time between doing my own audio releases and other people’s commercial work, so while being very busy, I’m still planning to be able to continue to put out at least 3 audios  (but hopefully 4 when possible) per month on Patreon & Gumroad!

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