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I posted about this on Twitter last night when I was quite overwhelmed, but it felt good to share with so many kind people who are pet lovers and can understand and sympathise. So I thought I’d post it here for those who don’t follow me or didn’t see it.  I have to just tell you first of all, this dog is the best boy. I don’t know how we hit the jackpot with adopting two of the most gentle, loving, well behaved dogs I’ve ever known, or how we managed to earn enough good karma to deserve these two lovely souls, but we feel blessed regardless of the expense or time required going forward. 

We weren’t expecting to incur this level of expenses when we adopted Diesel. His previous owner didn’t tell us about the lifelong chronic skin disease he suffers with that requires hormonal injections and prescription ointments, or that his ear canals are permanently deformed and swollen shut due to years of terrible ear infections, or that his eye requires constant medication as well. She literally just said he has some allergies and his skin flares up some times, but his vet records told a completely different story. 

We took him to the vet yesterday because he’s been scratching his armpits & groin like crazy, & chewing between his toes.  It cost $415 to get him his injections & new ointments. And the kicker? He’s going to need these injections every month, probably for life. Now I see why she really got rid of him.

The vet said if we weren’t told this we could refuse the adoption, but what are we going to do? Send him back where he isn’t getting treatment?   We love him and are committed to him now. So I will just need to make more money in order to afford the care he needs & deserves.

After tweeting this last night, I received a DM me asking how they could help with our unexpected expenses, and I was so moved that anyone would consider sending me money to help care for my dog, but there are some very special people out there and I’m just so grateful and happy that anyone would consider that.  

I don’t like the culture of asking for handouts on social media. I see plenty of people who seem to have an emergency every few weeks and blatantly seem to turn to their fans/friends for financial assistance, and I don’t like it.  But since someone asked, I thought I would make an exception for Diesel’s sake, because I didn’t have the money for this treatment. Luckily I did have a credit card with $620 available credit on it so I was able to pay for it. Otherwise I would have had to make him wait and continue suffering until I could save up for it.

So if you honestly want to help, then yes I do accept donations/tips using the green tip button at https://bit.ly/TipCandy or through the TipJar Tier here on my Patreon page. But I’d much rather see you get something for your money in return, so it would be just as helpful if you wanted to buy some of my recordings on Gumroad, or sign up to my Patreon or SubscribeStar.  Whatever extra I receive will help cover these expenses and prepare a budget for next month and every month afterwards.

I’ve always done this silly NSFW voice acting thing for profit obviously, it’s how I contribute to our rent, utilities, food and other living expenses.  Now I just have another expense to cover for someone who I fell in love with at first sight.  Come to think of it, I have a habit of doing that!

If you took the time to read this, thank you for letting me share something that isn’t NSFW.  There will be more of that coming next week!



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