Important – Please Read! Major Changes Ahead :)

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I’ve been wanting to do something new and exciting for a while now, because I feel like I’ve been completely focused on “business” and have gradually been withdrawing into the shadows… and to be honest I’m starting to feel burnt out. But I am ready to change all that! I want to enjoy myself as a creator and more importantly, I want you to enjoy supporting me! So let’s change the vibe of my Patreon Page to be more personal and less business-like. Stay with me now, while I explain how I want to go about this!

From now on, Patreon will be a place where fans can to get to know “the real me” and feel a little closer to the girl behind the microphone. Anyone can buy my audios on Gumroad, but my new Patreon Tiers will give patrons special rewards, including Patreon Exclusive audios that are produced by me, not commissioned by other people. Yes, you heard right, I want to start making more original content! Patrons can participates in Q&A’s and polls, and get personal “behind-the-scenes” updates about upcoming projects and audios. Plus, I’m starting a Podcast! And I’ll be inviting some of my friends to join in from time to time!

To accomplish all this, these are the changes that I have decided to make:

Change #1 – My Patreon will no longer have an Audio Credits system, which is how it has operated for the past 6 years. Many people have found it confusing, and it creates a lot of extra work for me to keep a tally of everyone’s credit balances and then to deduct credits each time they cash them in. (Don’t worry if you have audio credits saved up, you will still be welcome to trade them in until they are gone.)

Change #2 – I’m deleting all of my current tiers. Having seven different tiers is confusing for new people who don’t know which one to choose, and often times someone new will join a tier and still have no understanding of what their rewards are. So now I will only have 3 Tiers, and they are pretty darn easy to understand! (Current patrons can remain in your current tier for another month just in case you don’t see this right away or it takes you a while to decide which one suits you.)

Change #3 – I will still be accepting script commissions and the resulting audios will still be sold on Gumroad. I will still make a Patreon post each time I release a new audio, and you can follow the links and buy them from Gumroad instead. The good news is that I will be giving Patrons a 20% discount code every month that you can use on any of my Gumroad audios, anytime!

Change #4 – I will release one monthly Patreon Exclusive, which will be something of my own! I want to start creating my own content, and it will include things like my Candy Confession audios and other unscripted freestyle recordings, writing my own scripted fantasy audios, most of which will be Patreon Exclusives. Plus, I’m even starting a podcast where you can get to hear me live and uncensored!

Here are the new Tiers that you have to choose from:

$8 USD  You’ll receive my monthly Patreon Exclusive Audio, plus a 20% Discount Code that you can use on any of my Gumroad Audios. You’ll also see more personal interaction from me via Patreon posts and recorded updates, info about my upcoming audios, projects, and podcasts!


$25 USD  This is the best value because you’ll receive free copies of every new. audio release that comes out during the month on Gumroad, plus everything included in the Loyalty Rewards Tier, like the Patreon Exclusive Audio of the month, and the 20% Off code so you can buy older content on Gumroad at a discount.


$100 USD   This is my High Rollers Tier, and as such, there will be a limited number of spaces (currently set to 10).  Daddy Warbucks members get extra special rewards! They’ll receive everything that the other tiers get, and their Gumroad Discount is boosted to 50% Off!  Plus they’ll get personal rewards from Candy, including access to a private Daddy Warbucks chat channel on Discord, and best of all, a weekly personalized audio message that will include their name so they know it’s just for them!

So, that’s the new layout as it stands currently. I may think of some more things that I’ll add in at a later point, and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback and answering your questions, and am more than happy to hear your suggestions! 

It’s time we get to interacting more, don’t you think?

Lots of love!


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