Audio #369 – Twincest Is Best

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12 minutes – 2 Patreon Credits or Buy at

Her twin gets her all hot and bothered during class, but then leaves her waiting for over an hour once school gets out. She decides she can’t wait to get him home for some twincest fun, so she takes him to a very tight closet on school grounds where they can share their taboo love away from prying eyes.

Script written by Orpheus_the_Traveler

September’s Daddy Warbucks & New Release Club members (and existing Potluck members) will find this in your dropbox folder now! Others can purchase the audio at the Gumroad link shown above. (Patrons from my old tiers may still request the full length audio with remaining reward credits – Simply comment below if you’d like it, or send me a private message or email.)

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