It’s been a slow week, sorry!

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Just checking in to let you all know I’m alive.  Luckily I was able to release one audio so far this month, and I’ve recorded half of another, but I’ve had a rather unproductive week and need to do a bit of catching up to get back on track. 

On top of having Daddy’s birthday and Father’s Day last week, I also got a wicked stint of food poisoning which took me a day or two to shake. But I’m feeling better now, and will be catching up with my Daddy Warbucks private audios this weekend, and hoping to finish the next audio commission that I’ve recorded half of (mentioned above).   

Then, I’ve got to finish last month’s visual novel lines because I’m expecting another chapter to be assigned any day now.  This project will be ongoing for some time, and is one of the reasons that I’ve stepped back from doing as many animation voiceovers.

Back to recording now, trying to finish this before the rain starts tonight, we’re supposed to have rain for several days in a row (of course).  It’s officially been the warmest & wettest winter on record for New Zealand. I kept asking Daddy, does it always rain this much?!? It seemed there was so much more rain that any other year I’ve been here so far, and turns out I was right!

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