Audio #345 – Just One Wish (Contest Winner by Triplel)

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Everyone gets to enjoy this free recording, thanks to the wonderful scriptwriter Triplel! I also want to thank everyone who read the scripts, and cast their vote in the contest. I really enjoy your participation, it makes it much more rewarding to record something that I know people are excited about! 🎧  Listen to Just One Wish for FREE!  (Patrons … Read More

Audio #344 – The Intern Part 2

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14 minutes – 2 Patreon Credits or Buy at **Did you miss The Intern Part 1? Here’s a link! Jill knows that Britney seduced her husband, so she calls her into her office and firmly explains that from now on, the young intern will be Her little slut, and if she’s a good whore, she might share her with … Read More

Audio #343 – Cheerleader Warm-Ups

CandypatreonLeave a Comment  12 minutes – 2 credits or $6 No surprise that the captain of the cheerleading squad is dating the hot shot quarterback, right? But I bet he’d be surprised to find out how she gets warmed up with the new girl on her squad behind the bleachers! Thanks to scriptwriter PhoenixEroticAudio for offering this script as a Patreon Exclusive … Read More

Just One Wish written by Triplel wins the Script Contest

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I’m looking forward to recording Just One Wish later this month! VOTING IS CLOSED!  Thank you to everyone for voting this month, we had a great turnout 🙂 Have you read the 4 scripts in this month’s contest?  If not, head over to: Patrons may cast one vote.  Voting poll ends at 11:59pm UTC on October 12th. Remember to … Read More

Read the 4 Scripts in this month’s contest!

CandypatreonLeave a Comment We have 4 scripts entered into the October contest.  Everyone is welcome to read them at the link above!  Remember that only Patrons will be able to cast a vote for their favorite, so if you aren’t a current Patron but you’d like to cast a vote, you still have time to join any one of my tiers for … Read More

Script Contest Entry Period Extended til Oct 3rd

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Sadly I haven’t had any submissions for the script contest that I announced last week. I’m going to go ahead and extend the deadline until Oct 3rd at 11:59pm UTC to see if perhaps we get some last minute entries.  But if we don’t get at least 3 or 4 scripts, then I’ll just cancel the contest. Maybe you all … Read More

Audio #342 – Candy’s TRUE Confession: Cheating Girlfriend

CandypatreonLeave a Comment  18 minutes – 2 credits or $6 (Trigger warning: If the idea of cheating partners upsets you, you might want to skip this one!). A patron decided to commission me to record something, but rather than giving me a script, he made a special request that I reveal another of my True Confessions. So this time, there is no … Read More

Another Script Contest is NOW OPEN!

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Sharpen your pencils and put your thinking caps on, because the next script contest is kicking off today!  You have a week to submit your script (unless all the spots fill up first), and you have a 1-in-8 chance of getting your script recorded for free!  That’s a prize value of $150 or more! Deadline to submit a script is … Read More

Audio #341 – Worker’s Compensation

CandypatreonLeave a Comment  12 minutes – 2 credits or $6 A trophy wife stumbles upon a workman who’s not supposed to be in her bedroom, and especially not in her panty drawer! But this rich bitch is a secret size queen, and she goes from uppity and arrogant to a complete cock slut!  You might remember this script from the August Script … Read More