Phone Sex With Candy!

I’m not one of those stereotypical girls who half-listens and moans while she paints her nails. I try to be myself with my callers. Instead of just babbling some generic sexy talk that is repeated to everyone like a broken record, I ask what you’re into, find out what your kinks are, what sort of fantasy we can explore that is going to push your individual buttons. I genuinely want you to enjoy our calls, not just because I hope you will spend lots of money (I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like money!), but because I love being the dirty girl that you want to cum with, over and over again!

Also, I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m only available about 15 hours/week to do calls. I lead a really busy, active, happy life. I do phone sex for fun and stress-relief, when I’m not busy with my real job, which is recording XXX Audio for porn animations and video games, and also recordings audiobooks for Audible. I realize that you might be used to other money-hungry phone sex whores who literally never leave the house, and stay signed on day & night just hoping to talk to anyone so they can make money. Is that who you really want to talk to? Wouldn’t you rather spend time with someone who does this because she has fun doing it? I guarantee you’ll notice a difference!

Option 1 – Niteflirt

Click for the web's best phone sex on
I still sign in at Niteflirt sometimes, mostly late at night on a whim. But even if I’m not logged in, Niteflirt has hundreds of other girls to choose from. Plus, if you click the banner above, they will give you 3 FREE Minutes when you sign up! (if by some small chance you’re a first time Niteflirt caller)

Option 2 – Call Me Personally On Skype


You can arrange a call with me on Skype, (voice only), provided you follow these steps:

    • Step 1 – Message me on Skype to introduce yourself, like “Hi, I’d like to do a call, are you available?” If you don’t get a response, DO NOT CALL to get my attention, wait for me to respond. I may not be available! I suggest clicking on the My Schedule link at the top of this page to get an idea of when you can find me.
    • Step 2 – If I reply and invite you to call, you must pay first. Options are in the Frequently Asked Questions below.
    • SERIOUSLY – DO NOT CALL me on Skype until I’ve literally said “Ok, you can call now.” Doing that is the #1 way to end up on my BLOCK LIST, especially if you wake me up in the middle of the night just because you’re horny! Remember, I sound American, but I live in New Zealand with a very different time zone, so check my schedule!

    Understand the steps above?

    Then click here to message me on Skype!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I can NOT accept PayPal – it violates their TOS.

    Most people call me on Skype. Payment can be made quickly with a credit card at by clicking the green TIP button. I also happily accept e-gift cards from (US site) payable to, or Bitcoin – my wallet is 3GmHsPJSK5gAk48fwLMbTKHBXCEz2vpgwg

    You may also call me on Niteflirt by clicking on the link provided above, which also require a credit card. I don’t remember to log into Niteflirt that often, but it’s an option if you want to ask me about it!