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Candy’s Phone Sex on Skype


    I'm one naughty girl who loves roleplaying all sorts of kinky fantasies. This isn't some huge phone sex company, and I don't sit around taking phone sex calls 12 hours a day. I lead a very active life, I'm in an awesome relationship, and I create lots of XXX Audio projects every month from my home recording studio. Please read and follow these simple rules to book a call with me:

    • Step 1 – Click “My Schedule” at the top of my site to see when I am taking calls. I cannot accept calls any other time of day, as I am busy with audio recording projects, spending time with my boyfriend and his kids, or sleeping!
    • Step 2 – Send me a message on Skype to introduce yourself, like “Hi, I’d like to do a call, are you available?” If you don’t get a response, DO NOT CALL to try and get my attention. Wait for me to respond. Please be considerate.
    • Step 3 – You must pay BEFORE you call. I will explain how when you message me. You can use Visa/MC online, and I sometimes accept gift card or Bitcoin. I no longer accept PayPal, because they are assholes. 🙁
    • PLEASE – DO NOT CALL me on Skype until you’ve messaged to ask if I’m available. Calling before I’ve agreed to it is the main reason I block people on Skype, ESPECIALLY if you wake me up in the middle of the night! Remember, although I sound American, I live in New Zealand now, and it’s a very different time zone, so check my schedule!

    Understand the steps above?

    Then click here to send me a message on Skype!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I must receive your payment before our call begins. I no longer accept PayPal. Payments can be made with Visa/Mastercard/American Express by visiting and using the TIP button. I sometimes also agree to accept e-gift cards from or Bitcoin. If you happen to live in New Zealand (like me!), you can do bank transfer to my ANZ account.

    To get more information about making your payment, just ask me when you message me on Skype, because there is no sense in you making a payment if I’m busy and not able to take your call. We’ll handle payment together once I agreed to take your call.