First of all, you should know that I’m not one of those girls who can’t carry on a conversation, or who just half-listens and moans constantly while she paints her nails or plays games on her iPad. I try to be myself with my callers. Instead of just babbling some generic sexy talk that is repeated to everyone like a broken record, I like to ask what you’re into, find out what your kinks are, what sort of fantasy scenario we can explore that is going to push your individual buttons. I genuinely want you to enjoy our calls, not just because I hope you will spend lots of money (I mean, I hope you will of course, I like money!), but because I love being the dirty girl that you want to cum with, over and over again!

    I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not available very often, maybe only 15-20 hours a week. I lead a really busy, active, happy life. I do phone sex part-time when I can spare time from my full-time job, which is creating XXX Audio Porn and Erotica. I realize that you might be used to other phone sex operators who literally don’t leave their houses, and stay signed on like 15 hours a day. Is that who you really want to talk to? Wouldn’t you rather spend time with someone who does this because she has fun doing it? I guarantee you’ll notice the difference!

      Option 1 – Verified Call

      Simply click the button, buy a preset call length, and VerifiedCall connects us anonymously! (It helps if you message me on Skype first to make sure I’m ready!)

      Option 2 – Niteflirt

      Click for the web's best phone sex on

      If I’m not available, Niteflirt has like 1000 other girls you can talk to. They even credit you with 3 FREE Minutes, if by some small chance you’re a first time Niteflirt caller.

      Option 3 – Call Me On Skype

      Yes, you can still call me on Skype, (voice only), provided you follow these steps:

      • Step 1 – Send me a message on Skype to introduce yourself, like “Hi, I’d like to do a call, are you available?” If you don’t get a response, DO NOT CALL trying to get my attention, wait for me to respond. I may not be available.
      • Step 2 – Once I’ve agreed to take your call, you have to pay first. You can pay by credit card using the TIP button at, with Bitcoin (3GmHsPJSK5gAk48fwLMbTKHBXCEz2vpgwg), or with an email gift card from (US site only) sent to We can discuss this when you message me.
      • SERIOUSLY – DO NOT CALL me on Skype until I’ve literally said “Ok, you can call now.” Calling before I’ve agreed to it is the #1 way to end up on my BLOCK LIST, especially if you wake me up in the middle of the night! Remember, although I sound American, I live in New Zealand now, and it’s a very different time zone, so check my schedule!

      Understand the steps above?

      Then click here to message me on Skype!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      I can NOT accept PayPal – it violates their TOS.

      Easiest way to call and pay is to use the Verified Call button and pay with your credit card, or to call me on Niteflirt by clicking on the link provided above, which also require a credit card.

      If you’d rather call me on Skype, payment can be made with Visa/Mastercard/American Express by visiting and using the green TIP button.
      I also happily accept e-gift cards from and Bitcoin! And if you happen to live in New Zealand (like me!), you can even do bank transfer to my ANZ account.