Candy doesn’t have time to take calls every day, due to her busy recording schedule, creating deliciously explicit audio fantasies, and the ever-growing demand for her voiceovers for animations and game developers. While recordings are her top priority, she still enjoys doing phone sex calls, just not as often as she would like.

The schedule shown on the site is subject to frequent changes. If she’s deep in the middle of a project she may have to turn callers away even when she had hoped to be available. She also may modify her schedule if something comes up or if she has unexpected company, etc. So it pays to check the schedule when you are ready to call.

She lives in New Zealand now, which is quite a different time zone than most of the world. Please don’t message her any earlier than 10am NZ time (or 3pm PST / 7pm EST / 11pm GMT) because she’s getting her beauty sleep!