I'm sweet and Innocent on the outside...

I've always been told that I look or sound too sweet to be this naughty. Over the years, the men who I've been with always comment on how "angelic" I seem when they first meet me, and later they are shocked at what a freak I am in bed. But honestly, isn't that what every guy really wants?

On the inside, I'm just as perverted as you are!

I can be such a dirty little slut! I love it rough, messy, taboo, and fucked up! I can be a good girl if you want me to, but I'm so much better at being bad! Now is your chance to corrupt me, or let me corrupt you 🙂

  • Candy's Specialties

    Ageplay Fantasies - Incest Roleplaying - Daddy's Girl - Seductive Mommy - Siblings - Babysitter - Student/Teacher - Rape Fantasies - Tearful Begging/Crying - Sloppy BJ's - Anal Sex - Creampies - Pregnancy/Breeding - Shemale/Futanari Fantasies

  • Other Favorites

    Hotwife/Cuckolding - JOI/Mutual Masturbation - Home Invasion Fantasies - Gangbangs - Prostitution - Cheating/Betrayal - Public Sex/Exhibitionism - Bisexual/Closet Cocksuckers - Sugar Daddies - Money Pigs - Blackmail - Futa Fantasies - Watching Your Webcam

  • These Are Fun, Sometimes

    Laughing/Teasing - Soft Domme - Small Penis Humiliation - Blackmail - Accomplice Fantasies - Sissy Sluts - Strap-On Play - Girl/girl - Bondage/Punishment - Footjobs - Orgasm Denial/Edging - Slow Milking Handjobs - Panty Fetish

  • Sorry, But I'd Rather Not...

    Marathon calls (30 minute limit per person - Sorry I'm extremely busy!) - Hardcore FemDomme (Sorry that's just not my thing) - Toilet Fetishes (eww-yuck!) - Extreme Pain/Torture (no fun unless it's sexy/sensual) - Excessive Screaming (My voice is 100% of my income, so it's not worth risking me losing my voice just to get you off, sorry!)