Sweet and Innocent on the outside...

I've always heard that I look or sound too sweet to be so naughty. Over the years, the men who I've been with always comment on how "angelic" I seem when they first meet me, and they are shocked at what a freak I am in bed.
Honestly, isn't that what every guy really wants?

But on the inside, I'm just as perverted as you are!

I'm the sort of girl who has always loved taking things to the next level when it comes to sex. I love it rough, messy, taboo, and fucked up! I can be a good girl if you want me to, but I'm so much better at being bad!
Now is your chance to corrupt me, or let me corrupt you 🙂

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    My Specialties

    Age play – Loli – Underage – Incest – Daddy/daughter – Forced Sex/Rape/Molestation – Tearful Begging/Crying – Sloppy BJ’s – Painful Anal – Pregnancy Risk/Breeding – Horny Dad/Babysitter – Student/Teacher – Abused Victim – Seductress/Cocktease

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    More Favorites

    Mommy/son – Brother/sister – Spankings – Hotwife/Cuckolding – Messy Facials – JOI/Mutual Masturbation – K9 – Bisexual Guys – Kidnapping/Home Invasion – Panty Play – Pimped Out/Prostitution – Cheating/Betrayal – Public Sex/Exhibitionism – Gangbangs

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    These Are Fun Sometimes

    Laughing/Teasing – Soft Domme – Small Penis Humiliation – Money Pigs – Blackmail – Accomplice – Shemale/Futa – Crossdressers – Foot Fetish – Using My Strap On – Girl/girl – 3ways – Bondage/Punishment – Orgasm Denial/Edging – Adult Babies – Slow Handjobs

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    Sorry, I'd Rather Not...

    Hardcore Domme (just not me) – Toilet Fetishes (eww-yucky) – Extreme Pain/Torture (no fun unless it’s sexy) – Marathon calls (30mins is typically my max) – Faking foreign accents (sorry, I suck at accents) – Constant Screaming (I need my voice to make a living, not worth losing my voice just to make you cum.)