Animations & Voiceovers

I have had the pleasure of working with a number of very talented Adult Animators and Game Developers! For a sample of some of the NSFW porn animations that I have voiced, go to:

DFD (Adult Visual Novel/Game)
Kawaii Detective Enthusiast
LewdLab – Dreams of Desire (Adult Visual Novel/Game)
Manor Stories (Adult Visual Novel/Game)
The Eternal Feast (Adult Game)
Flambeau (Adult Game) by Shades

XXX Audio Stories

Interested in my scripted XXX Audio Recordings? I have quite an extensive and varied catalog of XXX recordings for sale, which can be purchased through my Patreon Page, or by just emailing me and requesting the list. It describes what each recording is about, and there are some really delicious choices to pick from! Click here to email me a request for my catalog listings, featuring over 200 XXX audio recordings!

It takes a certain sort of girl to know what men want, and between doing explicit and unrestricted phone sex calls with them, and XXX role-play recordings, I’ve been catering to your deviant fantasies for several years (actually since before it was legal for me to do so… shhhh!)

I must admit, it’s extremely flattering to know that when a man gest a moment alone to relax, immerse themselves in a fantasy and pump out a load of spunk, they want to hear my voice in their ear! I just love that I can bring their fantasies alive for them.

What sets me apart? I can’t say that I understand it myself sometimes. But from what they tell me, it’s a combination of my voice and the fact that I love bringing them so much pleasure. I guess in a lot of ways, I’m just as perverted as the men who hire me! We’re like a match made in heav… ummm… well… Your wet dreams!

Recording Projects – Rates & Information

Prices shown below are my standard minimum rates in USD. I do reserve the right to add on costs depending on the difficulty of your request. These rates are for voices that I am comfortable performing, which tend to be American Accent, sounding in age anywhere from barely legal (or less) up to about mid 30s. If you want me to play multiple characters in the same scene, the price will more than likely increase as well. Please Email me to discuss your project ideas today!