XXX Audio Stories

Listen to 8 Free XXX Audio Recordings right here on my site!

I’ve recorded an extensive catalog of more than 225 XXX Audio Stories which sell for just $3 each! Just e-mail me to request a PDF catalog with full descriptions. Alternatively, members of my Patreon page can swap their reward credits for any of my audio stories.

Animation Voiceovers

I’ve enjoyed working with some very talented Adult Animators and Game Developers over the past few years! If you’d like to watch a small collection of the porn animations I’ve voiced which are publicly available, please visit my Pornhub Playlist.

Voice Commission Rates

I voice female and futa characters with an American accent only, with voice age ranging from teens up to early 40’s.
Please note that I am often booked up 2-3 weeks in advance, so I suggest contacting me well before your deadline.
Click Here to download a PDF copy of my Voiceover Rate Sheet for future reference!

VoiceLikeCandy Commission Rates