My Patreon XXX Recordings Club

If you are a fan of dirty stories and sexy audio erotica, then you should check out my Patreon Recordings Club! I kept getting requests from my phone sex callers to create personalised audio files for them, so they could listen when they weren’t able to call me, so I decided to give it a try. Now over 2 years later, I’ve recorded 200+ XXX Audio files, and it’s become my full-time job. I love bringingtaboo fantasies to life, and giving all of you some ear candy that you can sit back and listen to while you’re hands are busy attending to more pressing matters!

In addition to the Monthly Original XXX Series I release every Friday on Patreon, I also record 5-6 scripts submitted by fans every month, from a broad range of kinks and role-play scenarios, including subjects like:

  • ROLE PLAY FANTASIES – Student/Teacher, Neighborhood MILF, Horny Hot Wife, etc.
  • TRUE CONFESSIONS – Personal accounts of my own Real Life Sexual Exploits!
  • FUTANARI – XXX Stories involving Shemales or Females with a cock
  • BREEDING – Creampies, Impregnation Fantasies, Risky unprotected sex
  • JOI – Jack Off Instructions, Mutual Masturbation Sessions
  • EXPLICIT EROTICA – Sexy Narration of Erotic Stories & Kinky Fan Fiction
  • Who knows what else! I’m up for all sorts of ideas!

If you were to request a custom recording of your script, my standard rate is $75 for the first 5 minutes and $5 per additional minute. But you can purchase recordings I’ve already released for just $3 each, and the monthly Original Series Episodes are just $4 each. If you like my voice, come check out my Patreon page. For just a $1 pledge, you can get inside and listen to dozens of Teaser Recordings. Then you can upgrade to a higher tier if you decide you’d like to get some full length recordings.

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Enjoy These Free Samples of my XXX Audio Recordings

Don't forget to plug in your headphones - These are seriously NSFW!

Audio#1 - Non-Consensual Consent
Audio#19 - Lewd Voicemail
Audio#65 - The Tutor
Audio#194 - Meeting My Daughter's New Boytoy

Episode 0 - Lesbian Cock Addict
Original Series - Episode 0 LESBIAN COCK ADDICT

Episode 0 - Courtesan of the Core Worlds
Original Series - Episode 0 COURTESAN OF THE CORE WORLDS

Episode 0 - Diary of a Cheating MILF
Original Series - Episode 0 DIARY OF A CHEATING MILF

Episode 0 - Succubus: Deceptive Desires
Original Series - Episode 0 SUCCUBUS: DECEPTIVE DESIRES