Patreon XXX Recordings

If you are a fan of dirty stories and sexy audio erotica, then you should check out my Patreon Recordings Club! In addition to the 4 Brand New Monthly Episode Series that I release every Friday on my Patreon page, I also record about 6 scripts submitted by my Scriptwriters Anonymous Group every month, from a broad range of kinks and role-play scenarios, including subjects like:

  • ROLE-PLAY – Fantasies like Student/Teacher, Neighborhood MILF, Horny Hot Wife, etc.
  • TRUE CONFESSIONS – Admissions of my Real Life Sexual Exploits
  • FUTANARI – Fantasies involving Shemales or Females with a cock
  • BREEDING – Creameries, Impregnation, Risky sex, Knocking her up
  • JOI – Jack Off Instructions, Mutual Masturbation Sessions
  • EROTICA – Readings from Erotic Stories & Fan Fiction
  • Who knows what else! I’m up for all sorts of ideas!

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I started my Patreon Recordings Club because I had several requests from my phone sex callers who enjoyed my voice and wanted me to create special recordings for them, that they could listen to when they weren’t able to call me directly. I also had sold recordings like this years ago on another phone sex website, and remembered them doing really well and getting great feedback. Plus, it’s fun to bring my fan’s most taboo fantasies to life, and give you some ear candy that you can sit back and listen to hands-free, and pleasure yourself!

I hope you’ll decide to support me on Patreon. For just a $1 pledge, you can get inside and listen to dozens of Intro Teaser Recordings and if there is anything you’d like to hear in full, you can upgrade to another tier and receive your choice over 100 recordings! The recordings that I create and distribute to my Patrons are heavily discounted versus my normal rates.

If you were to request an exclusive recording made just for you, my standard rate would be $70 & up. But when you’re a Patreon member, you can receive the recordings I’ve already released for just $3 each. And I even have a Scriptwriter’s Tier for $24, where you can submit a custom script and have me record it, to be shared with other Patrons!