My Patreon XXX Recordings Club

If you are a fan of dirty stories and sexy audio erotica, then you should check out my Patreon Recordings Club! I started my Recordings Club because I kept getting requests from my phone sex callers asking me to create personalised audio files for them, so they could listen to when they weren’t able to call me live. I had sold recordings like this on Niteflirt before, and remembered them getting great feedback. So I decided to give it a try! Now, 2 years later, I’ve recorded 200+ XXX Audio files, and it’s become my full-time job! I love bringing a man’s most taboo fantasies to life, and giving the rest of you some ear candy that you can sit back and listen to hands-free!

In have 4 Brand New Monthly Episodic Series that I release every Friday on my Patreon page, I also record 5-6 scripts submitted by my Scriptwriters Anonymous Group every month, from a broad range of kinks and role-play scenarios, including subjects like:

If you like my voice, come sample my Patreon page. For just a $1 pledge, you can get inside and listen to dozens of Teaser Recordings. Then you can upgrade to a higher tier if you decide you’d like to get some full length recordings.

  • ROLE-PLAY – Fantasies like Student/Teacher, Neighborhood MILF, Horny Hot Wife, etc.
  • TRUE CONFESSIONS – Admissions of my own Real Life Sexual Exploits!
  • FUTANARI – Fantasies involving Shemales or Females with a cock
  • BREEDING – Creampies, Impregnation, Risky sex, Knocking her up
  • JOI – Jack Off Instructions, Mutual Masturbation Sessions
  • EROTICA – Sexy Narration of Erotic Stories & Fan Fiction
  • Who knows what else! I’m up for all sorts of ideas!
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If you were to request a custom recording of your script, my standard rate would be $75-$120. But when you’re a Patreon member, you can receive the recordings I’ve already released for just $3 each, and the monthly Original Series are just $4 each! I even have a Scriptwriter’s Tier where you can submit a custom script and have me record it for release on my Patreon page.

Enjoy These Free Samples of my XXX Audio Recordings

Don't forget to plug in your headphones - These are very NSFW!

Audio#1 - Non-Consensual Consent
Audio#19 - Lewd Voicemail
Audio#65 - The Tutor
Audio#194 - Meeting My Daughter's New Boytoy

Episode 0 - Lesbian Cock Addict
Original Series - Episode 0 LESBIAN COCK ADDICT

Episode 0 - Courtesan of the Core Worlds
Original Series - Episode 0 COURTESAN OF THE CORE WORLDS

Episode 0 - Diary of a Cheating MILF
Original Series - Episode 0 DIARY OF A CHEATING MILF

Episode 0 - Succubus: Deceptive Desires
Original Series - Episode 0 SUCCUBUS: DECEPTIVE DESIRES