Patreon XXX Audios - Now Available at Gumroad too!

If you are a fan of dirty stories and sexy audio erotica, then you should check out my Patreon Recordings Club! Callers frequently asked me to create personalised audio files for them, so they could listen when they weren't able to call me. So I took that idea and ran with it, and now amassed a XXX catalog of over 300 XXX Audio stories, and it's become my full-time job! I love bringing taboo fantasies to life, giving horny men some sexy ear candy you can sit back and listen to while you're hands are full!

I record a minimum of 5 XXX Audios EVERY month from scripts written by fans, on a broad range of kinks and role-play scenarios:

  • FANTASIES - Student/Teacher, Horny MILF, Breeding, Cheating/Cuckold, Cock Worship, Futanari, etc.
  • TRUE CONFESSIONS - My Own Personal Accounts of Real Life Sexual Experiences and Kinks
  • 100's of audios with all the kinks you can imagine - some too TABOO to list on the sites!

You can buy my XXX Audios at Gumroad, or join my Patreon to receive them as rewards.
**Request a copy of my very descriptive audio catalogs (including the most taboo recordings) by clicking here.

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Enjoy These Free Samples of my XXX Audios

Don't forget to plug in your headphones - These are seriously NSFW!

Audio#1 - Non-Consensual Consent
Non-Consensual Consent
Audio#19 - Lewd Voicemail
Little Sister's Lewd Voicemail
Audio#65 - The Tutor
Mom Pays The Tutor
Audio#194 - Meeting My Daughter's New Boytoy
My Daughter's New Boytoy

Episode 0 - Lesbian Cock Addict
Original Series - Episode 0 Lesbian Cock Addict

Episode 0 - Courtesan of the Core Worlds
Original Series - Episode 0 Courtesan of the Core Worlds

Episode 0 - Diary of a Cheating MILF
Original Series - Episode 0 Diary of a Cheating Milf

Episode 0 - Succubus: Deceptive Desires
Original Series - Episode 0 Succubus: Deceptive Desires